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Understanding the Fastest Growing & Most Popular Construction Delivery Method

DB infograph 480x394 - Design Build ProcessIt has become the most popular delivery method of construction projects across America. Design Build is an enhanced project delivery system that allows a single entity, like Decker Electric, to coordinate, manage and undertake the entire electrical construction process. From designing the plans to ensuring everything works on (and after) the project is complete, our skilled team of engineers, project managers and technicians work together to accomplish the one shared goal: getting the job done right, on time and on budget.


While there are distinct steps inherent in a Design Build project, it’s unique streamlined system of coordination and collaboration allows for greater flexibility and ability to react quicker to make adjustments. Unlike traditional construction methods, the phases overlap in a Design Build, which allows for multiple phases of the project to continue operation without waiting on separate entities.


1. Pre-construction assessments

This is the vital first step in ensuring completion of a project that will fully deliver on the need for its construction. The pre-construction assessment is about gathering all the information to make sure, from design to budget to timeline, all factors are known and understood in order to create the overall plan to accomplish all the requirements of the project. This is when we learn about your business, industry, goals, financial assessments and facility needs. Along with this, a careful review of the job site will be done to ensure it’s ready for construction. From local municipal codes to topography to even the weather and the area’s natural resources, every aspect that will or could affect any portion of the design or build of your project will be thoroughly assessed.

From all of this information, a plan will be designed to accomplish the goals and needs of the project as well as accommodating for all surrounding factors that could affect the design or construction. A proper plan will set for how to achieve a successful project completion on time and on budget.


2. Design

design - Design Build ProcessAfter a plan has been formulated to accomplish a successful project factoring all the variables, initial designs are made. With the Design Build process, the full scope of land issues, construction factors and facility needs are considered in ensuring the initial design will work cohesively with all the elements in play, as well as the budget and timeline demands. With the designers working on the same team as the rest of the engineers and construction professionals, a design that is made understanding the full capabilities and realities of constructing the project are factored in. This reduces the problem often encountered in traditional delivery methods of issues between architects and engineers, where the owner has to play middleman between the two separate organizations. With Design Build, the designers and engineers are on the same team, working closely together towards the same goal and understanding and respecting the importance of each construction process.


3. Construction

construction - Design Build ProcessThe first benefit you’ll experience from this phase in Design Build is in avoiding time spent waiting on bid documents from your design team and subcontractor bids to come in before you can start the construction part of your project. Having coordinated directly with a Design Build provider like Decker Electric, owners have less work to do with less coordination reliant upon them to ensure for the success of the project. With Decker Electric’s Design Build capabilities, we provide the entire team: from designers, engineers, project managers, specialty subcontractors and even suppliers.


4. Post-construction

post construction - Design Build ProcessOnce the project is completed, in a Design Build process, the work isn’t quite over. While careful consideration was done starting with the first steps in assessment, the end of the construction is when all the necessary final checking gets done to ensure nothing was missed. In addition, this is when a walk-through or any necessary training is done by the Design Build team to provide the owner with all the instructions and information pertinent to the completed project; for example, if new or complex systems built into the facility. This could include layout drawings or operations manuals. Simply put, this is the final step to make sure when we hand you the keys, you are ready to open and operate your new facility.



From start to finish, an owner relies upon one organization to see to completing the project per requirements while meeting budget and timeline. The Design Build project is uniquely equipped to be agile and collaborative in adapting quickly and more easily to ensure the goals are met. As various stages of construction and design happen concurrently, a Design Build delivery eliminates timely and costly delays. From the owners, the designers, the engineers to the contractors, we all work together to a completed and successful project.

While some people may have misconceptions about Design Build, such as that the owner is less in control of their own project, these are usually just Design Build myths. Instead, Design Build is proving to be the preferred choice of construction delivery system across the country. Design Build takes the complications and coordination away from the owner. As your partner on your project, Decker Electric handles every aspect of your electrical project, from budgeting, design, schematics, engineering, subcontracting and post-construction. We manage all contracts with equipment vendors and materials providers.


decker team - Design Build ProcessDecker Electric has provided Design Build services to companies and individuals across the country for 30 years.

Contact us today to let us get started on delivering the Design Build services you need for your next construction project. Our experienced team makes Decker Electric a premier partner who will exceed your expectations. We are a large team with 14 project managers located in the heart of Wichita, just off Kellogg at the West St. exit.

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