KanPak Wastewater Treatment Plant

The City of Arkansas City was requiring KanPak to upgrade and replace the existing tanks and meet environmental disposal requirements or wastewater. KanPak called Decker Electric to assist with the project.

The project consisted of adding two new MBBR tanks to the existing wastewater process to replace two existing tanks that were leaking and beyond repairable. The existing tanks had to remain in service until the new ones were installed and properly functioning. The team designed and installed the replacement in anticipation for future plant production.

This electrical design-build project included engineering the electrical distribution, controls and heat trace systems. The project also included several pumps, aerators, compressors and a secondary DAF unit that provided extra cleaning for the wastewater prior to being disposed in the city’s sanitary sewer.

There were several challenges overcome on this project. In the middle of the project, the tank manufacturer installer went bankrupt, so the team has to source a new installer to complete this portion of the work. The work was also performed around existing overhead power lines, so careful attention to detail and safety was top of mind for the project team. This project was completed while keeping the KanPak Wastewater Treatment Plant in full production and never shutting down the plant.