Prevent electrical hazards & failures with regularly scheduled maintenance & testing.



At Decker Electric, we understand the critical nature of working in industrial environments. Well-administered preventive maintenance reduces accidents, saves lives, and minimizes costly breakdowns and unplanned outages.

Since 1977, Decker Electric has provided vital preventive maintenance services across the Midwest. Our highly skilled technicians accurately study and analyze potential issues before they become problems that could affect production and safety. We use preventive and predictive testing to provide fast and accurate detection of potential electrical hazards and failures.

Electrician wearing safety gloves & shield doing preventative maintenance work on a panel with a screwdriver

Why Work With Us

Decker Electric has been providing commercial and industrial electrical system maintenance for more than 40 years. You can count on us for reliable preventive maintenance to prevent breakdowns, outages, injuries and property damage. We're centrally located in Wichita, Kansas, so we can easily service commercial and industrial facilities of all sizes across the U.S.


Our Preventive Maintenance Capabilities Include:

  • Infrared scanning to identify potential problem hot spots
  • Ultrasonic diagnostic testing
  • On-site monitoring, recording and analysis
  • De-energized services
  • Start-up services

Industries We Serve

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