Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Installation

Electric vehicle charging solutions save your organization and patrons time and energy.

EV Charging Station Installation & Design

As the demand for EV charging stations rise, Decker Electric will strategize a electrical design-build solution to meet your program and budget. Whether for an auto dealership, municipal transit facility, business or home, we'll customize a solution for you.

Federal, state, and local governments have sought to provide incentives and subsidies for individuals and businesses who install electric vehicle charging stations. With our electric design-build solutions, we can save you and your patrons money and energy. We help add value to your bottom line.

EV Charging Station Installation Capabilities:

  • Design-build solutions in new and existing facilities – We look at your business or community goals and recommend customized solutions.
  • EV Charging Station equipment selection – We make sure you select the right equipment that meets your community or business needs.
  • Networked and revenue producing chargers – Businesses and government entities who install these stations can add money to the bottom line through tax credits and rebates. Individuals can also receive tax credits for driving electrical vehicles.
  • Experience with all levels of EV charging output from 450KW electric bus chargers to Tier 1 residential chargers
  • Service and maintenance on existing chargers and equipment

EV Charging Partners:

EV Charging Station Installation Projects:

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Contact Project Manager Brandon Horsch today for a free consultation for EV charging station installation. With 17 years of experience the design electrical industry, Brandon understands all the components necessary for the successful completion of your project.

From the planning stage to a fully functional electrical system, our team of project managers, engineers, estimators, purchasing agents, and support staff is committed to on-time performance, top quality work, and a clean, safe work site.

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