Providing expert electrical services for detention facilities across Kansas since 2015.

Why Work With Us

Decker Electric has the expertise to efficiently handle your detention facility's complex electrical systems, security systems and telecommunications needs. With more than 40 years of experience providing commercial and industrial electrical services, we've been serving detention centers in Kansas since 2015. Count on us to design, install and maintain the systems you need to keep your facility secure.


Decker Electric has a proven track record of providing experienced electrical services to support the precise security needs of detention facilities across Kansas.

From infrastructure and wiring to fire alarm installation and security monitoring, Decker Electric can handle the various security needs to ensure a properly working and secure facility. Decker Electric has been providing electrical security work for communities across the state of Kansas since 2015.

Our Security Capabilities Include:

  • Maintenance of your building’s electrical power system
  • Design Review Services
  • Security Electronics Infrastructure
  • Access Control panels

Decker Electric technicians work to ensure that facilities are equipped with the electrical, telecommunications, and security systems required for their exact needs.

County Detention Centers We've Served

Request an Estimate for Your Detention Facility Electrical Project

Email Project Manager Jarret Bergkamp to see how Decker Electric can provide quality and secure work for your facility. Having been at Decker Electric since 2006 and the Executive Director of Pre-Construction, Jarret brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. He is one of 14 project managers at Decker Electric. Our company is located in the heart of Wichita, just off Kellogg at the West St. exit.