Decker Electric Announces Jarret Bergkamp as Member of 2021 National Electrical Contractors Association Innovation Institute Class

photo of Jarret Bergkamp, an executive vice president at Decker Electric

Jarret Bergkamp, Executive Director of Preconstruction

Decker Electric announced Executive Director of Preconstruction Jarret Bergkamp was selected for the 2021 National Electrical Contractors Association Innovation Institute, a limited-entry, one-year national professional training program for future executives and innovators in the electrical construction industry. Bergkamp was nominated by Decker’s leadership team for his pioneering style and his genuine leadership abilities. He has served in management roles related to field foreman, project management, quality control, pre-construction, and estimating. Jarret is also very experienced with design-build and design/assist solutions that provide the best balance of cost, efficiency, maintainability, and delivery for a particular project.

“Jarret is part of the leadership team that has taken Decker Electric to the next level of business,” said Ben Wilson, Executive Director of Business Development. “Through his fifteen years of experience, Jarret has taken on leadership roles within the company and brought a fresh perspective to the business. He is a pivotal part of the electrical construction community. Jarret has the tenacity to push things forward and make things happen for Decker. He continually invests in professional development for his team and himself and encourages his team to constantly move forward.”

According to the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), the Innovation Institute is an opportunity for electrical contractors to empower emerging industry leaders to become visionaries with the leadership skills necessary for practical success.

Nomination is by executive leadership within an organization and the criteria include:

  • Examples of how the nominee demonstrates an innovative mindset, commitment to excellence and teamwork.
  • An outline for the future of the nominee within the organization.
  • Other materials supporting the nominee’s innovation ability and leadership potential.

“It is an honor to be acknowledged by my team and the Institute as a leader of Decker Electric,” said Bergkamp. “This is a great opportunity to collaborate with my peers on a national level and to enhance my leadership and problem-solving skills. I look forward to applying what I learn to continue to elevate Decker Electric and our employees in all of what we do.”

About the Innovation Institute

This Innovation Institute cohort will engage virtually each week for 2 hours, as well as meet in person four times throughout the twelve-month period. The in person events were held with a kick-off event in Washington D.C, August 16-17, and then will meet again in December, April and August of 2022.

The Innovation Institute program consists of one-on-one leadership coaching, peer group discussions, and a capstone project. It takes place in three phases that focus on understanding, strategy, and execution/sustainability.

The capstone project allows the participants to exercise new leadership and problem-solving skills to a specific challenge faced by the participant’s organization. In this way, the entire experience provides training and specific solutions that will make a difference in the organization, laying the groundwork for future success.

About Decker Electric

Decker Electric provides turn-key electrical, communications and automation services to a diverse industrial and commercial customer base all over the country.

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