Providing competitive bidding, skilled manpower & system integration since 2010.


Decker Electric works for your community with competitive bidding, skilled manpower, system integration, and the ability to mobilize staff and equipment on demand.

As a Kansas company trusted across all the communities we serve, we have provided work that serves the needs of each and every citizen. Since 2010, Decker Electric has provided system integration for various services and facilities across the state of Kansas.

Planning maintenance or remodel of your water tower? We can keep water pressure regulated without the use of your water tower. On a previous project in Andale, Kansas, our system was able to maintain normal water pressure in that community for over 2 months!

Some of our capabilities for city services and facilities include:

  • SCADA install and maintenance
  • Water treatment plants
  • PLC Panel Building

Some of the cities we have served include:

Recent Projects

Recent Municipal Project

When the City of Wichita decided to incorporate new electric buses into its city transit system, Decker Electric was relied upon to work on the Proterra Bus Charging Station. Check out the charging station work we completed in time to meet the City’s fall 2019 goal for rolling out its new electric buses.

Check out our Project Profiles page to see examples of our electrical work in various industries and with companies from across the country.

Contact Project Manager Tom Norman to let us know how Decker Electric can help with your city’s needs. Tom is our Engineering Director in charge of Lead Business Development and has years of experience in the electrical industry. Decker Electric is a large team of 14 project managers and is located in the heart of Wichita, just off Kellogg at the West St. exit.