Car Dealership Charging Stations – Westmont, IL

Car dealerships are taking an initiative to be more sustainable when it comes to designing and building cars. Car manufacturers have plans to grow their electrical vehicle fleets. Many dealerships across the United States are not equipped to accommodate these electrical vehicles. Major infrastructure work had to be completed in order to meet the needs of the new technology.

Decker Electric has extensive experience setting up electrical vehicle (EV) charging stations and its infrastructure. At a Westmont, IL dealership, Decker Electric installed one home charging station in new vehicle delivery, five vehicle charging stations in the parking garage and one in the parking lot to accommodate the electrical cars.

Decker worked closely with the dealership and manufacturer to determine locations of each these JuiceBox and ChargePoint electrical vehicle stations. This resulted in tearing up sidewalks, curbs, and parking lots to install transformers and panels in the requested set up areas. During construction, it was instrumental the Decker crews keep the area clean and tidy as the dealership remained operational during the entire project. There are more projects planned at other dealerships across the country in which Decker Electric will be assisting.