City of Wichita Housing Complex

On Monday, February 22nd just after lunch, there was an electrical failure on the service in a City of Wichita Housing apartment complex near downtown Wichita. Decker Electric was called to address the issue and found it was an issue with the bus duct that feeds the apartments on each floor. Journeyman Dane, John, & Joe showed up on site with Project Manager James and quickly made things safe and assembled a plan to get the repairs started.

With the help of Phil Morgan with American Electric and Steve Vossman of Schneider Electric, parts were found and shipped to Decker Electric within 3 days. Before parts arrived, the first goal was creating a safety plan followed by demolition of the damaged equipment and then electricians were brought in to get this building powered back up as fast as possible. First thing on Friday morning, eight electricians were on site to unload new parts and start the repairs. By 5 pm the 7-story building had all of the new bus duct installed and was reenergized. The city elected to hold off on letting residents back into the building until Saturday morning out of precaution, but the entire building was back in service within less than a week.

Special thanks to Joe Keys for his leadership on this project. And thanks to all who played a part in getting these residents back in their homes as fast as possible.