Smarter, more efficient electrical solutions for your manufacturing needs since 1977.


Your company needs to make sure that production doesn’t stop. The controls running the assembly line or other systems have to function and be properly protected from the surrounding environment. Since 1977, Decker Electric has provided panel building work to companies across the country.

Smart, Efficient Solutions

Count on us to install and maintain the processes necessary to create smarter and more efficient solutions for your manufacturing needs. We have worked in a variety of work environments to provide the necessary finished project required to keep materials or other factors from disrupting control.

Decker Electric has a full UL panel building shop capable of providing custom control panels tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our Panel Building Services Include:

  • Design and programming of PLC systems
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Creation of custom control panels

Why Work With Us

With our extensive experience with panel building and PLC systems, you can count on Decker Electric to deliver an efficient solution. Whether you need PLC upgrades and troubleshooting or full process control panels and automated processes, our engineering staff will exceed your expectations. Decker Electric has a large team, including 14 project managers. We're based in Wichita, Kansas, and we have the manpower and expertise to handle PLC systems and panel builds for companies throughout the U.S.

Request an Estimate for PLC Systems and Panel Building

Email Project Manager Tom Norman today for a free estimate on your PLC system or panel build project. We'll create a smarter and faster solution for your manufacturing needs.